Collective Church
Grace and Peace



Roanoke Food Pantry

Collective Church is partnering with the Roanoke Food Pantry to make sure they are fully stocked on canned tomato goods. Bring canned tomatoes, including tomato sauce and tomato paste, to the collection bin in the back of the sanctuary. 


Prayer Team

The prayer team is a dedicated group of individuals committed to covering Collective Church, including its leadership, members and community, in prayer. If you’re in need of prayer or another kind of support, click here to submit your request. If you’re interested in joining the prayer team, email Megan Lawton.

Members of the prayer team are asked to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all requests. When you submit a prayer request or a request for support, you have the option of keeping your name or other sensitive information private. If you would like to request prayer from only one individual rather than the full team, please include this information in your request.

Other Ideas?

If you’ve noticed a need or opportunity we haven’t thought of yet, let us know!