Collective Church
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{She} Women's Ministry


{She} Women's Ministry

There are groups for women who are married, who are single, who have kids or don't have kids.

There are groups for crafters, gardeners, readers, dog-lovers.
Are you a stay-at-home-mom or a working-out-of-house-mom?
Do you or do you not Pinterest, for goodness sake?

We believe there is more.
More to who you really are.
More to who God created you to be. 

Not all the hard work of life is limited to an office or your child's playroom.
Everyone of us is vastly different, and yet we share so much of the same-ness of life.
We know that the weight of our sins and struggles are crushing, but also that the beauty of our redemption is something to celebrate.
We believe in community, cooperation, servanthood, sharing in both joy and disappointment. 
We are the Collective {She}

Please check out the {She} facebook page to keep up with upcoming events.

To register for our annual summer women's conference, visit our event website.

Questions? Email Caroline Carmack!